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JSHAO Civilian Housing Briefs 2017

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SLI365- Service Life Insurance

You can protect the future of your family from today until 2042 at a fixed price FOR THE WHOLE TERM. Perfect for safeguarding your mortgage and with a Government guarantee of payment for operational casualties. 

Service Life Insurance 365 was designed and introduced by MOD in 2007 to provide a robust, trustworthy solution for enduring Military Life Cover – when purely commercial operators declined to provide cover for Service Personnel facing the threat from war, weapons of mass destruction or terrorism. 

Exclusively available online, you can either pay your premium by Direct Debit from your bank – ideal if you intend to retain SLI365 as a civilian (through to age 65 if you wish) or through your pay account with Joint Personnel Administration ‘JPA’. 
SLI365 can provide up to £200,000 lump sum benefit in the event of death or terminal illness - covering all peacetime risks such as traffic accidents and illness. Most importantly, because SLI365 is available under a contract with MoD, it guarantees protection for up to 25 years for any unforeseen operational risk. 

A summary of the benefits include: 
* Cover on and off duty, 365 days a year 
* Up to £200,000 lump sum benefit on death or diagnosis of terminal illness – covering all peacetime risks 
* Quick application progress - acceptance a certainty – (18-45 year olds) 
* No medical required 
* Fixed premium 

For every policy taken out we make a donation to tri-service charity, The Not Forgotten Association ( to support the great work they do in providing help for serving injured and veterans. 

So, have a look at a brochure available now from most local HIVEs or visit where you can get a quote for your chosen term (anything between 5 and 25 years) and chosen benefit amount. If you would like more information, please visit our website – or drop an email to to request a unit briefing from our ex-military manager. 

Coming soon: tips on writing your life insurance policy in trust . . 

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 Civilian Housing Briefs 2017 
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Marchwood: Contact/Welfare Flat

Mulberry Community Centre-HIRE

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NHS CHOICES: Stress, anxiety and depression

Am I depressed? How can I feel less stressed? Why am I so anxious?
Whatever you need to know about coping with stressanxiety or depression, or just the normal emotional ups and downs of life, the NHS Choices Moodzone is here to help.
It offers practical advice, interactive tools, videos and audio guides to help you feel mentally and emotionally better.

  • Tips and advice to boost mental health
  • Self-help and treatments
  • Other people's stories


Hardley Runners: Waterside

NHS Health Care For The Armed Forces Community

COBSEO: The Confederation of Services Charities

Cobseo, as the Confederation of Service Charities, provides a single point of contact for interaction with Government, including local government and the Devolved Administrations; with the Royal Household; with the Private Sector; and, of course, with other members of the Armed Forces Community. This allows Cobseo members to interact with all interested parties and especially to cooperate and collaborate with others in order to provide the best possible level of support to our beneficiaries.
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Hampshire County Council Jobs

Search your local area for employment by clicking HERE

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Civil Service job search

Find jobs in the Civil Service and central government organisations

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Civvy Street: Support and mentoring-service leavers

CivvyStreet aims to provide support and mentoring for all those recently leaving, or about to leave, the forces who are looking for employment opportunities and a chance to redeploy the skills learned while serving.

CivvyStreet is for anyone who has served in the UK Armed Forces (regular or reserves). It is also for their widows, widowers, partners and dependants. Anyone with an Armed Forces connection can apply to become a registered and approved member of CivvyStreet. Membership is validated against Armed Forces number and branch.
Visit the website to find out how they can help:  CivvyStreet

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Pathfinder Directory of Resettlement Services 2017

The New Forest-What's on

There are special events happening all year round in the New Forest so you are sure to find something to make your visit even more special. From guided walks in the forest, to country shows and carnivals to festivals you will find an endless list of events for you to join in when visiting the New Forest.

Southampton Pocket Guide 2017

Cycling in the New Forest

Family cycling along leafy lane

When cycling in the New Forest
  • Keep to way marked gravel tracks when cycling off road.
  • Always ride in single file when roads are narrow and never ride more than two abreast
  • Wear bright colours
  • Always use lights after dark or in poor daytime visibility
  • Plan your route to be out of the Forest by dusk
  • Be aware of animals, other cyclists, pedestrians and drivers
  • Keep your speed down, give way to walkers and be friendly to other forest users
  • Do not pass any vehicle loading timber until you've been told it's safe to do so

Click HERE for New Forest Routes and maps

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Big White Wall

#Deployment is tough on any #family. Make sure they get the support needed with @BigWhiteWall1. #familymentalhealth 

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British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS) Virtual Job Fair - Thursday 18th May 2017

The British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS) Virtual Job Fair is now only 3 weeks away.

Listed below are a number of companies that will be exhibiting at the Virtual Job Fair.
  • MOD Police
  • Heathrow Airport
  • Laing O’Rourke
  • Scania Ltd
  • Morson Group
  • ALDI
  • Chevron Traffic Management
Not only will there be employers exhibiting, there will also be a number of ELCAS Education and Training providers offering support.  These events are a great opportunity for those that are unsure of their next career after the Forces, to engage and network with recruitment specialists and gaining vital information prior to making the next step.

Register at